Top 5 Haunted Place In USA Where You Are Not Allowed. 5/5 (1)

Top 5 Haunted Place In USA

Top 5 Haunted Place In USA Where You Are Not Allowed To Enter After Sunset,

We all love listening to stories and the thrill of a horror story can’t be expressed. Even though we are scared with every new detail that is revealed, we still continue to listen with great interest. Supernatural activities never fail to attract some extra attention, and when you get a chance to visit a place which is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the country, I’m sure you will be reluctant but wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from going there at least once!

Top 5 Haunted Place In USA,

The most Haunted places name Given Below With Country.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary.
  • Hotel Monte Vista.
  • Pittock Mansion.
  • Fort Delaware.
  • Villisca Ax Murder House
1)Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

The castle-like Eastern State Penitentiary took solitary confinement to new levels when it was built in 1829. Prisoners lived alone, exercised alone, and ate alone; when an inmate left his cell, a guard would cover his head with a hood so he couldn’t see or be seen. The prison had to abandon its solitary system due to overcrowding from 1913 until it closed in 1970, although the forms of punishment did not get any less severe (chaining an inmate’s tongue to his wrists is one example).

The site now welcomes thousands of visitors every year, both for its museum and ghost tours. Reported paranormal happenings have included disembodied laughter, shadowy figures, and pacing footsteps.

During its heyday, eastern State Penitentiary was one among the most expensive and well-known prisons in the world. it was built in 1829 and housed big name criminals like al capone and bank robber “Slick Willie.”

Up till overcrowding became a problem in 1913, prisoners were kept in complete solitude at all times. Even once prisoners left their cell, a guard would cover their head so that they could not see and no one may see them.

Today, the decaying penitentiary offers ghost tours and a museum. Shadowy figures, laughter, and footsteps have all been reportable as paranormal activity within the prison walls.

2) Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Arizona

Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff’s hotel monte vista, that opened in 1927, has a plethora of hotel guests who simply never left.Flagstaff’s Hotel Monte Vista has its fair share of paranormal guests who have truly overstayed their welcome: A long-term boarder who had a habit of hanging raw meat from the chandelier in Room 210.

Two women who were thrown from the third floor, and now attempt to asphyxiate male guests in their sleep. An infant whose disturbing cries have sent staff members running upstairs from the basement.

Monte Vista’s most well-known ghost story is that of room 305. This room is thought to have been occupied by AN old woman who was a long-term renter and used to sit in a rocking chair near the window for hours. Today, guests, as well as staff, see the chair rocking on its own. Some have even seen the old lady sitting in it.

Other paranormal activity includes the sound of a screaming infant that comes from the hotel’s basement and sends housekeepers running, a phantom bellboy who knocks on doors and announces “room service,” and the ghosts of 2 prostitutes who in the early 1940s were killed in room 306 and so thrown from the window.

The most bizarre is that the meat man, a long guest who stayed in room 220 within the 1980s and hung meat from the chandelier in his room. His body was discovered in his room 3 days after he had been killed.

3) Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon

Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon

Henry Pittock was the owner and publisher of “The Oregonian” newspaper, whereas his wife Georgiana was the founder and fundraiser of multiple charities. The couple engineered their stately mansion in 1914, and moved in this same year with eight other family members.

Henry and Georgiana did not live in the house long, though; Georgiana died in 1918 and Henry died a year later. The family stayed within the mansion and continued to own it until 1958. the house is currently owned by town of Portland and is open to guests.

Those who have stopped by the mansion have reported some puzzling occurrences. Some say they smell flowers — Georgiana was an avid gardener — in rooms that have none, and others say a childhood painting of Henry moves around within the house on its own.
Oregonian pioneers Henry and Georgiana Pittock decided to build their dream house when they reached their golden years, in 1909, spurring the innovative design and construction of the Pittock Mansion.

Unfortunately, the couple only got to enjoy their home for a few years before passing away—Georgiana in 1918 and Henry in 1919.

The building is now a public landmark where some strange occurrences have been reported, such as the smell of roses (Georgiana’s favorite bloom) filling a room with no flowers in it, and a childhood painting of Henry moving, on its own, from spot to spot within the house. Clearly, death was not enough of a reason for the Pittocks to vacate their beloved home.

4) Fort Delaware, Delaware City, Delaware

Fort Delaware, Delaware City, Delaware

Fort Delaware was built as a Union fort during the civil war, however was used as a prison for captured Confederate soldiers. it’s said that conditions were abysmal, and that several prisoners died there due to maltreatment. It does not return as much of a surprise then that their restless spirits are said to haunt the building.Ghost tours are available on the isolated island, that is only accessible by ferry.
5) Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

June 9, 1912, was a tragic day for the Moore family. Six of its members plus two houseguests were brutally killed by an ax murderer who was never identified. Their restless spirits are said to still haunt the grounds to this day.

Guests can visit the house during the daytime, but to experience it in its full creepiness, you can make a reservation to spend the night.






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